Personalised Name Bracelets

Handmade personalised bracelets and bangles to suit your style. You can add your initial to your jewellery to give it a touch or you can have your name stamped on your bracelets to your likeness. Explore the huge range of possible personalisations only on HKS Handmade Jewellery.

We exhibit highest craftsmen ship when hand stamping / hand engraving these jewellery items and we show utmost care and love when we shape, clean and package them to send them off to you. We certainly hope that you'll care for our handmade personalised jewellery as much as we cared for it. Every piece is unique in nature due to variation in hand stamping, bending, plating etc. The piece you own is truly unique and there are no two pieces alike. Feel special when you own a piece as you truly deserve it. 

Poise Personalised Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that embraces and enhances the beauty of slender and dainty wrists. Personalised hand bracelets from HKS jewellery bestow grandeur and incomparable elegance. What makes our bracelets stand out, is the hand stamped messages on it. Our collection of hand bracelets has about hundred personalised bracelets that could be customized and tailored according to your wishes. Part of the collection are a few sleek assorted thin line bracelets. Even these thin line bracelets can be finely are engraved by our acquiscent designers in our London studio. The collection also boasts of dainty and elegant bracelets made out of a combination of brass or steel with gold and silver platings. A carefully thought out combination of metal, engravings, tassels, semi precious stones and beads make these bracelets unique. All the bracelets listed in our catalog are tailor-made and can be customised to suit the needs and desires of our chic customers. These minimal bracelets are a must have in a working woman’s wardrobe. Make a frowsty style statement with one of these charming personalised hand bracelets paired wtih everyday casuals as well as occasional gowns at evening galas.

Adjustable Personalised Bracelets

To suit the decadent style of the modern woman, the designers at HKS jewellery crafted six elegant adjustable personalised hand bracelets. Each of these handsomely polished thin line bracelets have a distinct and impressionable appeal that can add to one’s style quotient. Intelligently designed, the adjustable feature of these bracelets make it possible for these to fit any wrist size. More than one of these worn together can make for a graceful set of bangles. The minimal design of these bracelets caters to the needs of a consummate woman. Pair a couple of these adjustable bracelets with formal outfits to accentuate your subtle feminine allure.

Dazzling Personalised Cuff Bracelets

Polished metal with elegant handmade engravings of your choice on it, strung together with finely sculpted charms. These personalised bracelets are meant for collectors. Wear a couple of these as bangles to touch up a formal look for work. Our designers have gone to great lengths in making these delicate but sturdy accessories as personal as possible. For calligraphy enthusiasts and Arabic language speakers, we have incorporated special hand stampings done in Arabic as well. A few elegant looking cuff bracelets with Arabic calligraphic engravings have been listed in our catalog. We can also customise your Arabic message on the bracelets. Regardless of the ethnicities, our customised Personalised hand bracelets cater to the sentiments and likings of all. Among other cuff bracelets available on our catalog are the slim cuff bracelets. They are also designed to fit all wrists. The pliable metal can be squeezed to fit each unique wrist size. Moreover, they make for excellent gifts, as these slender and glossy metal cuff bracelets can also be hand stamped with messages of your choice. The slim and lustrous bracelet sits delicately around slender wrists creating a sense of power in gentle manner. These slim bracelets make for bold and sleek statement jewellery for a working woman to own. Select your choice of tarnished stainless-steel metal ranging from gold, rose gold and silver steel and immortalise your personal message onto these glamorous cuff bracelets.

Bespoke Personalised bracelets

Going beyond what is available is what every customer wishes to see. This is precisely what the designers at HKS jewellery truly understand. From the studio based out of London, our designers scrupulously carve, engrave and recreate each and every piece by hand to suit your fancy. One can choose from different the kinds of material that are available, ranging from the swarovski crystals, the hand stamped initial pendants to the curious little charms that the designers have sculpted out of steel. Moreover, HKS jewellery can be customised to the last bit, including the tint of the steel. A sensible and classy tailor-made collectible that is lightweight. They make for wonderful gifts for the purpose of preserving precious moments. Stainless steel is durable and classy and holds the dearest of messages for time immemorial. On your command, our designers ardently make your exclusive Personalised hand bracelets. Whether it is a quote that motivates you during harsh times or a verse from the bible or the quran or your very own personal message to a special someone. Whatever one chooses is hand stamped and realigned to meet the exaction. Design your own personalised bracelet that is subservient to your style.
Islamic Jewellery - Personalised Bracelets
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Engraved Silver Plated Roman Numerals Cuff Bracelet

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