Personalised Jewellery

HKS Jewellery is a London based brand of handmade jewellery!

We started with a goal to cater to the demand of all age groups for personalised handmade jewellery. Be it the handmade necklaces, bracelets, cuff bracelets, bracelet bangles or earrings or any other piece of handmade jewellry. We are now proud to announce that we can perform any level of customisation on the handmade jewellery of your choice. The possibilities are limitless. Please get in touch with us if you have a bespoke personalisation request other than once listed with the products and we will be happy to personalise the piece just for you. 

Our core collection of products are made of various sorts of high quality beads which are hand picked from the market or are bought after great research online. They are then put together keeping in mind the new trends and seasons. We then curate the products in our home studio in London – handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, kids accessories and other accessories like wine glass charms and bag charms. We try to bring unique, modish and in vogue items to you on this platform.

We have recently included personalised collection of handmade items from statement necklaces to stack of bracelets. These items are bespoke and rare to find, which makes them highly sought after jewellery pieces. These items spark so much joy not just for us but also for our customers who order from us. Each piece of personalised jewellery we have sold has helped to create a bond with our customers.

Personalised Jewellery London

We have hand stamped metal cuff bracelets, which help the customers to get their favorite quote/phrase stamped on to their jewellery piece. The stack of bracelets now provides an option to add a gold plated disc with your name initial. This has been a great addition to our collection. The name initial on the necklaces has been a super hit with our customers who favor personalised jewellery. 

We have also introduced new handmade personalised pieces that give an option to include your zodiac and birth stone to the jewellery piece. We believe in bringing fresh ideas and make exclusive jewellery every season that provides an edge to our customers! So sign up to our newsletter to keep yourself updated about the new personalized designs and the discounts!

Happy Shopping!


Stack of Gold Plated Bracelets
Pine Cone Pendant Rose Gold Bangle
from £11.95
Love Jesus, Love All People - Hand stamped Cuff Bracelet
from £9.00
Swarovski Heart Pendant Rose Gold Bangle
Christian Handstamped Cuff Bracelet - Rose Gold Copper
Christian Handstamped Cuff Bracelet - Aluminium Silver Tone
from £10.00
Personalised Triangle Charm Rose Gold Bangle
from £11.95
Personalised Zodiac Charm Bracelet Bangle
from £11.95
Brass Slim Bracelet - TEMPORARY
from £10.00
Brass Slim Bracelet - JOURNEY
from £10.00
Brass Slim Bracelet - EVOLVE
from £10.00
Brass Slim Bracelet - FIGHTER
from £10.00
Adjustable Silver Bangle - Swarovski Pendant with Birthstone Charm
Adjustable Silver Plated Bangle - Fortune Cookie Charm
from £11.95
Adjustable Silver Plated Bangle - Pineapple Charm
from £11.95
Avec Pearl and Birthstone Bracelet
Green Bracelet Stack
from £24.00
Copper Hand Stamped Personalised Bracelet - "It always seems impossible until its done"
from £10.00

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