Handmade Jewellery Caring Tips

An interesting day in handmade jewellery business includes giving out tips to the inquisitive customers on how to keep your jewellery in best shape so it's ready to outshine everyone else's when you go to a party or event. 

As an artist, I make every piece with love and care. I am keen to pass on the care tips so these pieces stay in best shape for years to come and nothing will make me more happy than if you care for them as any other precious jewellery.  

Care tips really depend on what type of jewellery piece you own. Different types of jewellery would need different care to keep it as good as new. 

I categorise the jewellery into the following:

Beaded Jewellery:

This type of jewellery is made only of beads. There are no precious metals or Gems involved. Caring for beaded handmade jewellery is less demanding but still... 

  1. Don't wear the beaded jewellery while taking a bath or when there is a chance that jewellery will get a nice long time dipping in water such as washing dishes. Chlorine which is present in the water takes away the shine and finish of your beaded jewellery. 
  2. Keep the beaded jewellery away from harsh chemicals such as nail polish removers, bleaches or anything that has harsh detergents in there. They'll fade the colour of your handmade jewellery. 
  3. High temperatures like standing near hot oven for long duration or wearing the jewellery while cooking / frying food will discolour it. 
  4. Store the various jewellery pieces separately. Putting all of them in one sac might deform the jewellery (especially necklaces and lengthy jewellery) and it could loose it's shape. 

Gemstone Jewellery:

This take more care as compared to beaded jewellery as jemstone can be really demanding when it comes to care for them. 

  1. Follow all care tips for the beaded jewellery. Other tips are in addition to the caring tips for beaded jewellery.
  2. Always wipe your gemstones with a clean soft cloth. This will be the same soft cloth that you use to wipe your phone's screen as this does not leave scratches on the surface. 
  3. Gemstones are hard but brittle. A direct blow could turn your gemstone to dirt. Keep them safe. 


Personalised Jewellery:

Personalised jewellery needs care as any other piece of jewellery. Be the main material be brass, aluminum or sterling silver, it needs same caring. Follow the steps below and your handmade personalised jewellery will shine for a long long time to come. 

  1. Keep the jewellery away from salt or chlorinated water. Chemicals in water takes away the shine of the jewellery.  
  2. Always use a soft cleaning cloth to polish your personalised jewellery once in a while. You won't believe how much it shines. 
  3. Don't over bend your handmade jewellery when you wear or take them off, it could deform it. 

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