Hand Stamping

Thank you for following us and showing interest in what’s coming up next. We are super excited to share with you the hand stamping jewellery collection that will be up on our website soon.

We have been thinking to add personalised jewellery to our collection for some time now. Why? Because we think it adds a personal touch to both the parties, the one who is gifting the jewellery piece and the other who is receiving it as a gift. It adds that little bit of rapport in the relationship and strengthens the bond.

We will soon be posting a video on youtube giving an idea about how the team is working on this. For now, please see the details below:

Women’s bracelets with positive quotes are the first ones we are working on. We believe that in this age, even when women have proven themselves to be as strong and capable as men are, they are still not regarded as equal. Infant many a times, they have to go through sexism which is not appealing. With this launch of bracelets for women, we are hoping to bring a change in the society. Women can keep themselves encouraged by accessing their favourite positive quote anytime by just looking at this bracelet which can be worn as an everyday jewellery.

Next in the line will be men’s bracelets, funny quotes bracelets, sterling silver charm necklaces.

We will keep you updated!
Thanks for reading

Bhavna Taneja
HKS Jewellery
Handmade with Love

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