How to buy safe handmade jewellery

We are out shopping and you see this really beautiful piece of jewellery in the showcase of a shop. You go in on impulse and buy it right there. Behold, you are now a proud owner of a jewellery piece that looks beautiful and pricy. You are sure this will make your friends jealous. But, did you pay attention to

  • how the whole thing is shaped and and the metals present in your jewellery ?
  • Is it safe to wear it ?
  • Is it going to colour your skin permanently ? 

Perhaps we all ask these questions at one point or other. Let take them one by one. 

Before we begin answering any of the questions, let me make it clear that We Don't Use any materials that have Nickel or Lead. All our creations Nickel and Lead free so they are safe to wear

What metal is your jewellery made of:

This is the first point of concern. The way traditional jewellery was made, it contained significant quantities of Nickel, a metal which is regulated by the EU regulatory body in terms of how much of it is safe. 

Be careful when you buy Gold filled or Silver filled jewellery from anywhere. These techniques have only recently evolved to stop using nickel interleaf method during the manufacturing process. Anyone selling you cheap Gold filled or Silver filled jewellery may be using nickel in the process. Be sure to ask before you purchase.

Other jewellery items such as Gold or Silver jewellery are usually free from Nickel. Nickel is routinely added to the White Gold, which is cheaper. Palladium White Gold process is out there too but it's not as cheap. The general rule really is that if you go for cheap sterling silver jewellery or cheap Gold jewellery, be very careful and always ask the seller. We at HKS Jewellery do not use any nickel in any of our products so all our products are safe.

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