Trends in Personalised Jewellery - What works?

Over the ages, personalised jewellery has come a long way. There is a vast choice available to the customers when it comes to handmade and personalised jewellery range. No online shop can survive without having a vast collection of handmade pieces which should be customisable in one way or the other. 

Since the jewellery is handmade, it's possible for designer such as ourselves to change the jewellery piece to suite the needs of a customer with a quick turnaround time. All we need is a plethora of wires, charms, precious metals and beads to choose from. 

You can see the picture where I bent a Gold Plated wire to match the shape of a heart. This was a special requirement from a customer and being up for any challenge, I couldn't say no. There result was awesome and I'll soon post a picture of the handmade jewellery piece with this handmade wire charm shining in all it's glory. 

Till next time, enjoy browse through various handmade jewellery items on our site. 

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