• Jewellery making isn’t something new; it has been there for ages, perhaps that is why it is one of the most profitable businesses. These days many jewelries are made by machines, but the charm of a hand-made is unparalleled. The demand for a bespoke piece of jewelry has increased because each pie... View Post
  • Easter Gift

    Easter Gift Ideas Easter, the festival of joy, love, and benevolence, is around the corner and it is a perfect time to be elated and celebrated. Gifts make this most-awaited festival even more special. And let’s admit it, the surprise and suspense on the way make Easter even more exciting! Everyt... View Post
  • Spring is the most awaited season of all as the transition from the cold winters to spring is a magical one. The reason everyone loves spring is that, after several months of cold and brutal winter, you finally get a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the slightly cool weather and wear your... View Post
  • Even though Game of Thrones claims that ‘Winter is coming’, it is actually the summer season that is budding, and with it, would come the fun trips to the beach, music festivals, and cocktail parties, which would serve cool and tangy concoctions of spirits and fruits to refresh you on a warm and ... View Post

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I have acquired my knowledge about handmade jewellery through the course of years. Here, I am sharing all that knowledge with you. I hope to see a mutual sharing via comments section. I welcome your feedback or suggestions. Happy sharing!