Spring is the most awaited season of all as the transition from the cold winters to spring is a magical one. The reason everyone loves spring is that, after several months of cold and brutal winter, you finally get a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the slightly cool weather and wear your pretty dresses again. Spring is therefore also a fun time for all the fashion buffs out there, who finally get the chance to show the world their amazing collection of dresses and accessories and how well they carry them off! 

The season has always inspired women to dress up and look pretty. They look forward to shopping for new dresses and accessories perfect to celebrate spring and enjoy every bit of it. So, all the men could take this as a hint and grab this chance to impress the women in their lives by buying gifts for them this spring season.

When the matter of giving gifts to women comes into question, you can never go wrong with handmade jewellery gifts. Women love jewellery when it is personalized and handmade because they value the effort and the time that has gone into making this jewellery. Here are a few handmade jewellery gifts for her for this spring.

  1. Druzy jewellery. Druzy jewellery is one of the most beautiful kind of jewellery that a woman can own. Gemstones like Druzy stones are crystals which are so sparkly and vibrant that they attract everyone’s attention. The speciality of Druzy stones is that they are all irregular and their shapes are all different and imperfect, which gives them a raw and electric look. You could buy your woman a pair of handmade Druzy stone earrings, with gold-plated hooks to add some bling to their attire.
  2. 2. Gemstone Jewellery. Gemstone jewellery are a style statement and are stunning to look at. Gemstone jewellery looks unique and sassy as they are not as elegant and sophisticated as other kinds of jewellery, so this adds a verve to your look. A handmade Swarovski gemstone jewellery would look perfect with casual floral dresses and the jewellery would add the finishing touch to her spring season ensemble.
  3. Birthstone Jewellery. This could be a special and personal gift for your loved ones. Wearing jewellery with their respective birthstones on them attracts positive energy, keeps their mind calm and always keeps them filled with positive vibes. This would be a very meaningful and loving gift, while still being stylish and posh, as it would go well with their outfits, as well as have a spiritual significance to it. Buy her a handmade birthstone necklace with a personalized pendant with her initials on it and she will show it off throughout the spring season!
  4. Pearl Jewellery. A pearl jewellery is the symbol of artistic finesse. Pearls come in different and subtle shades like pink, blue, and white, which can be matched with different kinds of dresses to look gorgeous. A woman would be elated to finally get to flaunt her pearl jewellery with her charming spring outfit. A hand-strung pearl jewellery set would complete the spring look to make your lady look elegant and posh.
  5. Multi-layer necklaces. Embodying the true spirit of spring, multi-layer necklaces jazz up a dress and make a woman look breath-takingly gorgeous. These multi-layer necklaces are made by individually hand stringing different coloured beads, which gives the necklace more volume and character. A multi-layer necklace gives a zesty and chic look to the dress and completes the spring season garb.
  6. Dangler earrings. A pair of earrings is a defining accessory of a getup. Dangler earrings are dashing and modish and every woman should own at least one pair of dangler earrings. You could buy a pair of handmade danglers made out of beads, Swarovski gemstones, druzy gemstones, or even pearls. Danglers look good with dresses, tops, and even gowns. Your woman would attract everyone’s attention in the crowd with a pair of danglers.
  7. Dainty bracelets. Simple jewellery often speaks more than an over-the-top jewellery sometimes. You could buy a dainty handmade gold- or silver-plated bracelet with small minimalist charms like a flower, or a cute pineapple, which is quirky and stylish at the same time. It would add a certain level of gracefulness to a dress.
  8. Sterling Silver jewellery. Sterling silver is a stronger version of silver. A rhodium-plated sterling silver jewellery gives any outfit a posh look. You could buy a sterling silver pair of earrings or necklace, with a sparkling gemstone charm to make her look sexy and stylish.
  9. Beaded Jewellery. Beaded jewellery goes well with a casual and easy-going look. Different coloured beaded jewelry looks chunky and spectacular for a spring season getup. You could wear buy vibrant colored handmade beaded necklaces or earrings and carry off a bold and peppy look or gift it someone you know could pull beaded jewellery off this spring season.
  10. Personalized jewellery. This is one of the most intimate gifts for women which has an emotional feel to it. Buying the women in your life a personalized jewellery will let them know that they are one of a kind and spectacular. You could buy them a necklace with their initials hand stamped onto a charm. It would make them feel loved and they will adore you for such a thoughtful gift.

Spring is the time for fun and enjoyment and is the prime time to flaunt your garments and accessories. Since woman all over the world update their wardrobes and jewellery collection during spring, you could shower some love on her and buy her handmade and personalized jewellery to make her feel special and loved. HKS Jewellery has a collection of amazing handmade jewellery which can be personalized according to your fancies. So see your lady rejoice at the sight of your handmade jewellery this spring. The most special aspect of a gift from HKS is their special gift boxes, which are sure to make your woman fall in love with both you and your gift.