Even though Game of Thrones claims that ‘Winter is coming’, it is actually the summer season that is budding, and with it, would come the fun trips to the beach, music festivals, and cocktail parties, which would serve cool and tangy concoctions of spirits and fruits to refresh you on a warm and sunny day! Among all of these things, one thing that every woman looks forward to is flaunting her body and wearing flattering dresses and jewelleries to look dashing and radiant. After having curled up in bed throughout winter and wearing multiple layers of clothes, they finally get the chance to experiment with their dresses and show off their jewelry and accessories collection. Jewellery constitutes a major part of an ensemble and there is so much variety and different styles to try on. Discovering what kind of jewellery compliments a particular kind of outfit is important.

If you are planning to surprise the lovely ladies in your life with summer gifts, to let them know that they are loved, now would be the best time! A gift in the form of jewelry is something that they would always appreciate. An elegant piece of jewellery complements a woman's attire and makes them elated, and if it is a handmade piece of jewellery, they will be thankful on a whole new level. And all the ladies out there, adore yourself and deck up this summer with some of the hottest summer jewelry fashion trends. Here are some of the fashion jewellery trends for the summer of 2018.

  1. Handmade, elegant jewellery. Celebrate the summer with handmade jewellery. As summers can get pretty hot, choose thin-chained, minimalist jewellery to adorn yourself. Handmade jewellery makes it way more personal and valuable than an ordinary machine-made jewelry. You could buy yourself a sleek gold- or silver-plated bracelet or a necklace with a pendant or a charm. These slender summer jewellery pieces will look not only delicate but also chic and stylish.
  2. Bold jewellery. Bold is the new fashion trend and it is here to stay! Chunky bracelets and beaded earrings are a bold style statement and they transform a simple look into something striking and electric. Bright and vibrant-coloured beads and stones look sassy on any ensemble and add an edgy look to it. The options are seamless, ranging from druzy gemstones, to beads, to pearls, and even rhinestones. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made out of these gemstones would add a vibrant and fresh touch to your garb. So do not shy away, and try the newest collection of chunky and colorful jewellery to sport a funky look.
  3. Pearl jewellery. Jewelry and accessories are what make a regular dress look breath-taking. Pair your bright summer dress with a pair of exotic jewellery made out of pearls to give a rich and sophisticated look. Pearls are elegant and look very delicate when turned into jewellery. You could wear a light-pink-coloured pearl necklace, paired with a gemstone charm, or simple white pearl danglers for a classier look. A pearl set is a must try, to look graceful and dainty this summer.

As the summer approaches, it is time to put away your bulky sweaters and bring out the sexy dresses and pair them with these new summer special fashion trends. These jewelries look bold and fabulous and will make you walk with confidence and in style. Unlike what a lot of people think, jewelleries and accessories are as important in looking perfect as finding the perfect dress and a pair of shoes. Therefore, experiment with the different kinds of jewelleries and find your ideal ensemble and look stunning this summer.

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