Colours - All Around US!

Hi Readers,

Its been a while since I have written a blog. Work and personal life has kept me busy! But today (lets call it tonight, its 11.15pm), when my reminder popped up reminding me to write a blog for the website, and I started thinking about the topic I should be writing about.

Well, I will share my Holi experience with you all today. We celebrated the Indian Festival Holi with our little family today. We enjoyed playing with the bright colours. Our little one enjoyed the most. Its the first time in 3 years she has played Holi. This play was followed by some delicious snacks! And when the little one slept, we started working on our jewellery (thats the most quiet time for us to concentrate on our works :-))

These earrings were made some two weeks ago, but I feel it appropriate to share them on this blog because of the beautiful bright colours these earrings are. They remind me of the beautiful colours we used to play Holi with.

These feathers are real duck feathers, dipped in gold, connected with gemstones and then hung up on gold plated ear hooks to give a classic finish. These are extremely light weight earrings, designed and handmade by me. This types of handmade jewellery pieces are very rare and can hardly be duplicated, unless someone copies the thorough design of the piece :-) Hence it gives my clients an edge over the rest of the world because they will be getting to wear one of a kind piece.

I hope you enjoy this short blog post, with our family picture and snacks and the bright and beautiful feather earrings!

Much love,


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