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  • Mothers Day 2018

    Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles!!

    At HKS Jewellery, we are celebrating mothers day by honouring all mothers! Mums are great, loving, strong and its just so amazing how selfless they are.

    To all those beautiful women out there, we have a special section dedicated to them, where we have created bespoke items for mums/mums to be to feel loved.

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  • Colours - All Around US!

    Hi Readers, Its been a while since I have written a blog. Work and personal life has kept me busy! But today (lets call it tonight, its 11.15pm), when my reminder popped up reminding me to write a blog for the website, and I started thinking about the topic I should be writing about. Well, I wi... View Post
  • Hamsa Hand & Evil Eye

    I love using hamsa hand while making jewellery. So far I have made: A pair of antique silver earrings with yellow colour as the evil eye. I have also made a hamsa hand beaded long necklace with beautiful multicolour glass beads. Its one of a kind piece. Not only the hamsa hand looks cool and ha... View Post
  • Hand Stamping

    We have been thinking to add personalised jewellery to our collection for some time now. Why? Because we think it adds a personal touch to both the parties, the one who is gifting the jewellery piece and the other who is receiving it as a gift. It adds that little bit of rapport in the relationship and strengthens the bond.  View Post
  • Handmade Jewellery Caring Tips

    An interesting day in handmade jewellery business includes giving out tips to the inquisitive customers on how to keep your jewellery in best shape so it's ready to outshine everyone else's when you go to a party or event.  As an artist, I make every piece with love and care. I am keen to pass on... View Post

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I have acquired my knowledge about handmade jewellery through the course of years. Here, I am sharing all that knowledge with you. I hope to see a mutual sharing via comments section. I welcome your feedback or suggestions. Happy sharing!

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